Our Collection of Books on the Rolling Stones

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Michael Cable

"The Pop Industry Inside Out"

W.H. Allen, 1977, England


Marie Cahill

"The Rolling Stones - A Pictorial History"

Brompton Books Corporation, 1990, USA



Roy Carr

"Die Rolling Stones - Eine illustrierte Dokumentation"

Abi Melzer Productions GmbH, Dreieich, 1978, Germany


Roy Carr

"The Rolling Stones- An Illustrated Record"

New English Library, London, 1976, England






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David Carter

"Forever Rolling Stones"

Bison Books Ltd., London, 1994, England


David Carter

"The Rolling Stones"

Crescent Books, New York, 1992, USA


David Carter

"Stars, Mythen & Legenden - Rolling Stones"

Lechner Publishing Ltd., Limassol, 1992, Cyprus


Ivano Casamonti/Andrea Pagano

“Rolling Stones”

Gammalibri, Milano, 1980, Italy


























David Cavanagh

"The World Greatest Rock'n'Roll Scandals"

Octopus Books, London, 1989, England



Teresa Celsi

“The Rolling Stones (Little Book)”

Ariel Books, Kansas City, 1994 USA


Rob Chapman

"New Barbarians"

Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2016, USA



Barbara Charone

"Keith Richards"

Futura Publications Ltd., 1979, England









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Barbara Charone

"Keith Richards und die Rolling Stones"

Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Stuttgart, 1985, Germany



Moreno Chiacchiera/Nicholas Gage/Simon Parker/Vicky Taylor

“Where Are The Rolling Stones?”

Igloo Books, Cottage Farm, 2018, England



Moreno Chiacchiera/Nicholas Gage/Simon Parker/Vicky Taylor

“Rolling Stones – Finde die Bad Boys des Rock’n’Roll”

BuchVertrieb Blank, Vierkirchen, 2018, Germany


Cinema Film-Jahrbuch 1982“

2. Kino-Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, 1981, Germany












Alan Clark

“The Rolling Stones - The Early Years”

The National Rock'n'Roll Archieves, 1990, USA


Nobby Clark

"Starfucker - Live In London '76"

Oberon Books, London, 2008, England



Alan Clayson

"Brian Jones"

Sanctuary Publishing Ltd., London, 2003, England



Alan Clayson

"Charlie Watts"

Sanctuary Publishing Ltd., London, 2004, England














Alan Clayson

"Keith Richards"

Sanctuary Publishing Ltd., London, 2004, England


Alan Clayson

"Mick Jagger"

Sanctuary Publishing Ltd., London, 2005, England


Alan Clayson

"The Rolling Stones Album File & Complete Discography"

Octopus Publishing Group Ltd., London, 2006, England



Alan Clayson

"The Rolling Stones - The Origin Of The Species"

Chrome Dreams Publication, New Malden, 2007, England,







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Alan Clayson

"The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet"

Flame Tree Publishing, London, 2008, England



Alan Clayson

"The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet"

Billboard Books, New York, 2008, USA


Victor Coelho/John Covach

“The Cambridge Companion To The Rolling Stones”

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2019, England


Jean-Noel Coghe

“Bill Wyman – Steady Rollin’ Man”

Le Castor Astral, Bordeaux, 2004, France
















Rich Cohen

“Die Sonne, der Mond & die Rolling Stones“

btb Verlag, München, 2016, Germany




“The Rolling Stones Fake Book 1963-1971”

Alfred Publishing Co. Inc., Van Nuys, 2004, USA



Collection Vibrations

"The Rolling Stones Backstage"

Consart Éditions, Lausanne, 2012, Switzerland


Marlon Collins

"Rolling Stones Das Quizbuch"

Books On Demand, Norderstedt, 2017, Germany











Martin Compart

"2000 Light Years From Home"

Verlag Robert Richter, Hanau, 2004, Germany


Michael Cooper/Terry Southern/Keith Richards

"The Early Stones"

Hyperion, New York, 1992, USA


Michael Cooper + many others

"Rolling Stones 40 x 20"

Billboard Books, New York, 2002, USA



Gerd Coordes/Wolfgang Thomas

“The Rolling Stones Over Germany”

Verlag Maria Thomas, Siegen, 1998, Germany













Gerd Coordes/Olaf Boehme/Franz Ostermeier

“The Rolling Stones & The Amazing Musical Journey Of Ronnie Wood”

Edition Franz Ostermeier, Oberschweinbach, 2016, Germany



Gerd Coordes/Olaf Boehme/Volker Rebell/Uli Kniep

„Time Is On My Side – The Rolling Stones 1982”

Books On Demand, Norderstedt, 2022, Germany



Luke Crampton/Dafydd Reed

“Rock & Pop Year By Year”

Dorling Kindersley, London, 2003, England



Glenn Crouch

"Treasures Of The Rolling Stones"

Carlton Books Ltd., London, 2011, England






















Dejan Cukic

„The Rolling Stones“

Kniga Komerz, Beograd, 2007, Serbia



Sam Cutler

"You Can't Always Get Get What You Want"

ECW Press, Toronto, 2010, Canada


Sam Cutler

"Live dabei"

Hannibal Verlag, Höfe, 2012, Austria


Stanislaw Dabrowiecki

“The Rolling Stones Warszawa '67”

Kolekcjoner Muzyczny, Wroclaw, 2012, Poland





Daily Mail

“The Rolling Stones - Celebrating 50 Years Of The Greatest Rock And Roll Band”

Atlantic Publishing, Croxley Green, 2011, England



David Dalton

"Rolling Stones - An Unauthorized Biography In Words, Photographs, And Music", Amsco Music Publishing Company, 1972, USA



David Dalton

"The Rolling Stones - The First Twenty Years"

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1981, USA


David Dalton

"The Rolling Stones - The First Twenty Years"

Thames And Hudson, London, 1981, England


















David Dalton

„The Rolling Stones - Die ersten 20 Jahre“

Rogner & Bernhard GmbH & Co. Verlags KG, München, 1982, Germany



David Dalton/Mick Farren

"The Rolling Stones - In Their Own Words"

Book Sales Ltd., London, 1985, England



David Dalton/Mick Farren

"The Rolling Stones - In eigenen Worten"

Palmyra Verlag, Heidelberg, 1995, Germany



Georg Dannenberg/Lutz Kohlschmidt

„Music Power“

Urania-Verlag, Leipzig/Jena/Berlin, 1985, GDR











Milan Dargent

"Soupe á la Tête de Bouc"

Le Dilettante, Paris, 2002, France


Stephen Davis

"Jajouka Rolling Stone"

Random House Publishing, New York, 1993, USA


Stephen Davis

"Old Gods Almost Dead"

Broadway Books, New York, 2001, USA


Stephen Davis

"Die Stones"

Europa Verlag, Hamburg, 2002, Germany





















Julian Dawson

„Nicky Hopkins - Eine Rock-Legende“

Edition Elke Heidenreich, München, 2010, Germany



Jim Derogatis/Greg Kot

“The Beatles Vs. The Rolling Stones”

Voyageur Press, Minneapolis, 2010, USA



Luke Dick/George A. Reisch

“The Rolling Stones And Philosophy”

Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago, 2012, USA



Georg Dietz

"Beatles GegenSpieler Rolling Stones"

Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, Frankfurt, 1999, Germany  


















Georg Dietz

"The Rolling Stones"

Philipp Reclam jun. GmbH & Co., Stuttgart, 2007, Germany


Cliff Douse

"100 Guitar Heros"

Future Publishing Ltd., Bath, 2009, England


Tim Dowley

"The Rolling Stones"

Midas Books, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 1983, England



Jason Draper

"The Rolling Stones Revealed"

Flame Tree Publications, London, 2007, England






François Ducray/Jaques Leblanc/Udo Woehrle

"Rolling Stones"

Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1982, France


Werner Dwenger

"Rolling Stones in Der Spiegel"

Stoneware Publishing, Hamburg, 1991, Germany

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